Welcome to Viral8.com.

Our mission is to extend your imagination. Using creative methods and infectious designs, we can help you accomplish your business and personal goals and have your customers coming back time and time again. Our goal is to enable, support, and exceed your vision. Even better? We aim to do it at a decent price!

8 Reasons to get Infected!


  1. 1) a Price thats hard to beat
  2. 2) infectious, indvidual Designs
  3. 3) using the latest Know How for a truly up to date site
  4. 4) constant support
  5. 5) stable hosting so that you never miss a customer
  6. 6) a portfolio that you can relate to
  7. 7) based in this country!
  8. 8) don't forget the free domain name


Ask yourself what you want from a design firm - good value, creativity, excellent customer service, speedy results ... and then give us a call.